Teamsters Motorcycle Association of New Jersey

The Teamster Motorcycle Association is a family oriented association and will unite as Union brothers and promote Union activism, support the IBT, Joint Council and Member Locals and stand with our brothers and sisters on the strike line, at parades and demonstrations. The purpose of this Association is to raise and expend funds to assist individuals afflicted organizations that assist such individuals. The Association is organized exlusively for charitable purposes, the making of these funds is distributed to organizations that qualify as exempt under section 501 [c] [3] of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


Application for membership

Disclaimer: Participants and members of the Teamsters Motorcycle Association agree to assume the risk for any accidents, injury, bodly harm, damage to property which may occur during motorcycle runs or events sponsored by the TMA. Participant members further agree to hold harmless the Teamster Motorcycle Association, Joint Council 73 and it's officers from any accident, injury, bodly harm, damage to property which may occur as a result of the participating in the club or it's events.


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